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Our company has produced pontoon boats of all kinds from small fishing rafts to large barges for use in the offshore oil industry, however the houseboat line comes in three basic models.  The model is determined by the cabin configuration.  The three models are the Jamaica Sunrise, the Tahitian Holiday and the Loch Lomond.  With the Jamaica Sunrise the cabin extends all the way across the deck of the boat.  With the Tahitian Holiday the cabin is set to one side with a walkway on one side of the cabin.  With the Lock Lomond the cabin is in the middle of the deck with a walkway on both sides.  The length and width of each boat is optional but usually runs from a 10 feet to a 14 feet beam (width) and from 28 feet to 44 feet stem too stern.  (Larger or smaller molds can be produced if desired).

The advantage of the Jamaica Sunrise is the maximization of cabin space.  The advantage of the Loch Lomond is access from the bow too the stern without going through the cabin (this can also be obtained with a Jamaica Sunrise by the optional sky walks).  Another advantage of the Loch Lomond is the beauty resulting from its symmetrical design and extensive railings.  The Tahitian Holiday is an attractive compromise between the Jamaica Sunrise and the Loch Lomond.  The single walkway design gives easy access from bow to stern and a wide cabin.

The Tahitian Holiday depicted below is complete and awaits pontoon installation to complete its seaworthiness.  On this model the optional sun deck was forgone in the interest of economy.  A shorter than usual cabin compensates by providing addition lower deck space.



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