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Options And Design Preferences

Design Preferences

    These are decisions in design which must be made in designing your boat should you choose to have a boat custom built rather than purchasing one of our in stock boats.  Further below are options offered.  The options you choose may effect the design preferences available and vice versa.



    Jamaica Sunrise

    Tahitian Holiday

    Loch Lomond




Number of bunks

Closets and storage

Floor plan

Choice of paneling

Choice of wood







Choice of floor



     Decking material

Choice of motor size, brand and configuration (boats not priced with motor and controls)

Choice of color and color scheme

Number and size of windows

Standard Equipment On All Boats With Cabins

Kitchen cabinet and steering cabinet

Styrofoam ceiling tile

 Styrofoam wall insulation - One inch styropyome tightly fitted into the walls

Layer of 3/8 inch plywood beneath vynal outside wall covering

Fiberglass insulation over cabin  - 4"

Gutter system (only on boats without sun decks)

Powder coated rails


Running lights

Anode corrosion protection

Identification name plate

Fiberglass coated treated ¾ plywood deck

Heavy steel frame construction cabin and frame

14 gauge steel pontoons sized to boat.

Bumper guard rail

Sliding glass windows

Towing hooks

Fuel trays - These are 2' by 4' metal extensions that protrude aft on each side of the engine for fuel and other storage.

Pontoon baffles each 4 feet

Pontoon test valves

Automotive or marine grade paint

Wood grain coated aluminum trim

Tile interior floor

Wood interior trim

Free Delivery up to 100 miles


Note - We will work with buyers who want options not listed.


Sun deck - This provides a deck on the roof of the cabin with rails and a ladder or stairway.

Picket rails - This type rail provides enhanced safety for children and pets.

Sky walks (Jamaica Sunrise only) - These are employed by widening the bumper rails along each side of the cabin, covering them with expanded metal and extending the rail along them to provide access fore and aft without going through the cabin.

Water ladder - This is a ladder to aid swimmers in climbing onto the boat.

Sun deck stairs - These are stair type steps onto the sun deck rather than the ladder type.

Lantern racks - These are racks attached to the rails which swing out over the water to support lanterns for night fishing.

Gel Coat deck covering - This is a textured, white plastic sort of coating.


Air conditioning

Double pane windows

Dual water system - Lake and fresh with dockside fresh water hookup

Fresh water tank

Water heater and hot water system

Dual electrical system - both 110 and 12 volt wiring with provisions for dock hookup

Electricity generator

Butane bottles and butane system

Gas stove

Gas oven

Refrigerator - small in cabinet

Outside shower - shower located at the stern of the boat.


Inside shower

Commode with holding tank

Swing out tables (each)

Bunk bed sets (each)

Bunk reading set


Hydraulic steering

Gas tank

Anchor and winch



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