The Jordan line of pontoon houseboats began at this small shop in the spring of 1960.  Two brothers, Walter and Johnnie Jordan, began manufacturing the pleasure crafts for both sale and rental.  The manufacturing took place at this location until 1965, at which time it was moved to a new, larger shop constructed just west of Florien, LA.

The boat to the right is a 36 footer ready for delivery.  The boat in the center is under construction.

Although there are other options, most boats featured a twisted picket railing.  This made the boats more safe for smaller children and added to the beauty of the craft.  Below a much younger Rod Jordan is busy constructing such railings.


In the sixties era boats were construct and placed at specific sites and on area lakes for demonstration and sale.  By the early 70's the demands for boats created a situation where virtually every boat was constructed to fill an advanced order.  Many of these orders came from repeat owners who had previously owned smaller boats.  The company began building boats almost exclusively to the exact specifications of the buyers.  To this day, buyers are given the opportunity to be a part of their boat's design team.


At present, after decades of perfecting the line through the construction of hundreds of boats, a new generation of Jordan pontoon houseboats is being constructed in Florien LA.

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