Jordan Houseboats
A Boat You Can Dream On

The day a Jordan  boat is launched is always  an  exciting day for both the new owner and the crew.  Some owners will burst a bottle of champagne on the boat's bow in the traditional way, ambits a grand gala affair while others will simply smile approvingly as the boat is launched. The thrill of a large craft first sliding into the water is truly a sight to behold and the maiden voyage will yield memories that will last for a lifetime.

Above,  a Jordan boat is being delivered by water from it's launch  near Florien to the northern part of Toledo Bend Lake.   This boat was built to specification for the legendary  country  singer,  songwriter  and  Louisiana statesman Governor Jimmy Davis. The boat built in the early eighties,  is being  piloted by Johnnie  Jordan and one of his grandsons.

Above a boat is loaded for delivery.

A proud new owner enjoys a maiden voyage


The cost of deliverie will depend upon the size of the craft 

Above a crew member makes final adjustments.


And another dream comes true.

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