Boats From A Glorious Past

The boat below was constructed in 1967 at the Florien plant, however the picture is current. This 60' by 16' Loch Lomond is still in its prime after nearly 40 years of enjoyment by its owners. It features a steering cabin on the upper deck, a walkway on both sides of the cabin and a round bow to give it the appearance of a riverboat. Originally two ornamental smoke stacks were also included.

Built in 1967 it is now nearly 40 years old. As evident by this great craft, Jordan houseboats are capable of providing a lifetime of enjoyment.

The boat below is a 46 foot by 16 foot first rater. It is equipped to sleep six people comfortably. It features a bath and kitchen area. It has a sun deck with a walk way on both sides of the cabin. This style gave it a very pleasing appearance and made for a more pleasurable occupation of the craft.

The boat pictured below is moored at Plumb Orchard Camp on Lake Bistineau a few yards from where it was launched in the mid sixties. It has provided 40 years and three generations of enjoyment and seems little if any worse for the wear. Lake Bistineau is located just southeast of Shreveport, LA and was the main staging area for Jordan Houseboats while they were produced in Shreveport. Many of the boats launched in this beautiful lake are still in service, further proof of the soundness of an investment in these great crafts.

These are but a few of the dreams that have been created.

Let Jordan Houseboats create a dream for you.


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